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Who is DSWCD?


Davie County became a part of the Middle Yadkin Soil &Water Conservation District on March 22, 1939, along with Rowan, and Cabarrus Counties.  Iredell County joined ther District  September 11, 1939.  This multi-county soild conservation distict was organized under the provisions of the 1937 District Law, Chapter 139 of the General Statutues of North Carolina, to develop and carry out a soil conservation programn to prevent soil erosion, floods, and sediment damage with the District, to protect our streams, the tax base, gthe public lands and promote the health safety and general welfare of the people within the District.


In 1963, the Board of Supervisors of the Middle Yadkin Soil & Water Conservation District decided that the county units could better serve the people by dividing the District into five single county districts.  This, thre Davie Soil & Water Conservation District was created September 4, 1963.  The boundaries of the Davie District were changed March 9, 1966 to include all the land within the County of Davie.



The Davie Soil and Water Conservation District meets the first Tuesday of each month at 3:30 pm in Room 310 at the County Office Building at 180 South Main Street in Mocksville, NC. 

Kevin Marion, Chair
Craig Myers, Vice-Chair
Arnold Weatherman, Treasurer
Sydney Singleton, Administative Assistant & Education Programs
frankie website picture.jpg
Frankie Singleton, Resource Specialist
Rick Karriker - Member
Kay Anderson,
District Conservationist
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