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Southern Piedmont Envirothon

The southern piedmont envirothon is the local level of the knowledge-based competition. Teams from each soil and water area of the state compete to move onto the state competition. The NC Envirothon has been providing quality education and enrichment opportunities to North Carolina students for 25 years. A leader in natural resource, ecology and environmental education, the Envirothon has been helping to develop NC’s leaders for the future.

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Dates to remember: 

March 28-29, 2022- The Southern Piedmont Envirothon will be held 

N.C.State Level Enivrothon


The NC Envirothon is an exciting natural resource education program designed to challenge students in an interactive, outdoor competition where middle and high school teams (consisting of 3-5 students) are tested in areas of Wildlife, Forestry, Aquatic Ecology, Soils and Land Use and Current Environmental Issues.

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Dates to remember: 

April 16-17, 2021- The NC Envirothon will be held 


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