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            Feel free to leave a message below or call if you need any additional information.

*Please note: this office does not handle water utility services, appliances, or billing, septic/waste water services, zoning and development, public parks, wildlife, or DOT (highway/bridge) issues.
Please use the following list of phone numbers/websites for assistance:
Davie Public Utilities: 336-753-6090
Davie Environmental Health Services (Septic): 336-753-6780
Davie Zoning & Planning: 336-753-6050
Davie County Manager: 336-753-6001
Davie Rec. & Parks: 336-753-8326

NC Wildlife Resources Comm:
NC D.O.T:   Davie 336-936-6100         Division 9 (Winston-Salem) - 336-761-2004

Tel: 336-751-5011

277 Meroney Street 

Suite 120 

Mocksville, NC 27028


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