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Working together to improve water quality...for future generation


What is it?

The North Carolina Agricultural Cost Share Program is a voluntary cost share based program offering financial and technical assistance for the installation of  best management practices to address nonpoint source pollution.

Best Management Categories

Sediment and Erosion Practices:

    Field Borders, Grassed Waterways,   

    Cropland Conversion to 

    permanent vegetation(grass or trees)

Animal Waste Management:

    Drystack to store manure

    Poultry Composter

    Waste Application Systems

Stream Protection:

    Watering Facilities

    Fencing out of streams


How does it work?

Landowners and renters of existing agricultural operations that have been in operating for more that three (3) years are eligible to participate.

How do I apply?

Submit an application to the Davie Soil and Water Conservation District office.  The application gets ranked based on resource concerns identified in the county. 


Applicants can be reimbursed up to 75% of a predetermined average cost for each installed best management practice.  Applicants are responsible for 25% of the costs, which may include labor.


Some restrictions may apply depending on the the type of operation or best management practice, or a relevant Soil and Water Conservation Commission policy.

Poultry Drystack

Grassed Waterway

Water Facility for livestock

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